Watch NJPW LoneStar ShootOut 2023 PPV 11/10/23 – 10th November 2023 Full Show

Watch NJPW LoneStar ShootOut 2023 PPV 11/10/23 -10th November 2023 Full Show Online HD:


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Previewing NJPW Lonestar Shootout

It seems like only yesterday we were Unleashing our Fighting Spirit, and already STRONG is back, so we’re going to be taking a look at Lonestar Shootout. It’s an eclectic card, with five title matches, and New Japan making good use of their partnerships as stars from AEW, Impact, CMLL and Stardom are in action.

Once again, for English commentary you’ll need to head over to and part with $19.99 of your hard earned American dollars, or you can go to the recently refreshed NJPWWorld to watch in Japanese as part of your regular subscription (if you do that and it’s your first time on the site since the refresh, you might need to get there a bit early, I logged in for the first time since the change this morning and needed to faff around with confirmation codes and new passwords and the like).

Lonestar Shootout starts at 7:30 EST/4:30 PST/12:30 GMT – bit late for me to watch live, so I’ll be catching up later. Anyway, enough waffling, here’s the card:

Eddie Kingston survived HENARE in Las Vegas, with perhaps the hardest hitting match of the night at Fighting Spirit Unleashed ending with the Mad King’s hand raised. Stepping up next is the winner of the four way number one contender’s match at FSU, Satoshi Kojima. Kojima’s incredible year has seen him battle diverse competition across Japan and the US. Kojima has more than earned the respect and fandom of Kingston, but in his second career challenge, can he earn the STRONG title?

It’s been a rocky year for Fred Rosser and Tom Lawlor. The first STRONG Openweight Champion Lawlor went from making his G12 debut in 2022 to having a more nondescript 2023, and with no titles to his name, dropped his last singles match to Gabe Kidd. For Rosser, his own STRONG Openweight title reign came to an end at the start of the year, and his most recent chance to get back in the title mix resulted in a four way loss to Satoshi Kojima at Fighting Spirit Unleashed. Now, Rosser and Lawlor are not letting the year slide without resuming their multiple award winning rivalry, with big stakes sure to be on the line for whomever wins.

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